Pricing 21 October 2017 21:31

I do paid shoots, test shoots and Time For Print (TFP), depending upon the situation.

Paid shoots

For paid shoots I change an hourly rate, which include lease of the studio and supplies. In addition I charge for editing the images, which generally takes just a long time (or longer) than the actual studio time. The editing include standard editing in Lightroom and Photoshop. I do not provide unedited images to you. If you want printed images, please let me know, and I will calculate the value for you. For location shoots there is an addition value charge for packing up the studio :-) 

My prices are: 

  • Hourly rate: 800 DKK / hour 
  • Per edited image delivered digitally: 100 DKK / photo 
  • Additional value charge for location shoot: 500 DKK  
  • Travel time outside Copenhagen area: 300 DKK / hour 

After a session, you get a preview portfolio. For a 2.5 hour session you should expect approximately 200 preview images to choose from. You choose the images to edit and how many. 

Test shoots 

I do test shoots when testing new equipment, new styles or new methods. Test shoots are TFP based, and you get a few edited images for your time. 


I do TFP shoots when presented with an idea that catches my interest. In a TFP shoot you get a few edited images for your time.  

Jesper Arnø
Copenhagen, Denmark